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As a global communications agency, we respond to the issues faced by businesses and communities to help you achieve all your goals.

Our branding, communication and digital services will help you achieve your next victories: trust Graphic Swing, the winning creative agency!

We enhance
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From your organization's logo to the design of your trade show booth and illustrations, we bring your messages to life through identities that reflect your values and positioning.

Enhance your tender responses

Enhance your tender responses

Our winning advantage lies in the comprehensive enhancement of your tender response presentations. With our expertise, your submission will stand out, featuring a unique and cohesive overall design that aligns with your content.

We design


Shaping your messages, simplifying the understanding of complex content, and handling the printing of your documents when needed: that's our expertise. We offer comprehensive and long-term support to ensure coherence and impact in both your printed and digital communication.

We specialize in designing and creating company brochures, activity reports, all internal or external publications, newsletters... And we also provide communication kits tailored to your brand, allowing you to manage your communication with complete autonomy.

Our winning communication asset

Our winning communication asset

It's the expertise of constraints related to digital accessibility. We make all your digital content accessible to everyone, with a particular focus on individuals with disabilities. From optimizing graphics or histograms for improved comprehension, to establishing graphic codes to prioritize content, to coding PDFs for optimal screen reader performance, we leave no stone unturned to enhance accessibility on your behalf.

We bring
your content
to life.

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Envisioning how to present a service on a storyboard and assisting you in scriptwriting, bringing words and graphic elements to life to highlight its benefits, animating logo components to gradually reveal the complete design, creating an animated jingle for a live studio or a teaser for social media, designing a setting with a 3D product, crafting the design of website interfaces... We take pleasure in listening to your stories and translating them into still or animated visuals

Our winning digital asset

Our winning digital asset


Envisioning your brand identity in motion, capturing key moments of your business in visuals, and translating user emotions into music. Breathing life into your digital content to enhance your appeal: it's our purpose!