Graphic Swing - Graphic Swing


We are a communication and creative agency.

We support you - yes, you: businesses and communities - towards the success of your communication projects and your responses to calls for tender.
We design brand identities and accessible communication materials for institutional, commercial, and event purposes, allowing you to meet your challenges and achieve your goals.

Choosing us means adopting a winning stance.


Our strength lies in our creativity, responsiveness and commitment.

It is also our ability to listen to you, to understand you before taking action. Obviously, we master all the print and digital creation tools you need.

Our uniqueness is expressed through two specific areas of expertise: designing responses to calls for tender and creating communication materials accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities.

They won
everything !

"In three words? Listening, creativity, collaboration. Delivering graphic responses with a thoughtful explanation of the design choices is a real game-changer. It helps us articulate and defend our proposals more effectively to our clients."

Sébastien Bouteiller

Directeur de l’agence Sagarmatha Lyon

"Graphic Swing offers customized designs with a focus on accessibility. They are responsive and creative, making them a recognized provider for accessible graphic creations."

Priscille Geiser

Program Director chez International Disability Alliance

"Adherence to schedules, cost-effectiveness, excellent customer listening."

Sophie Mazoyer

Responsable de la communication chez FPI France

"They always provide valuable advice with a critical perspective and demonstrate responsiveness throughout the entire service. The support is comprehensive."

Margaux Arcelaine

Chargée de valorisation des offres chez Egis

"The agency in three words? Professionalism, attentiveness, proactiveness. They provide relevant suggestions while honoring their commitments."

Victoria Martinez

Responsable Business Developpement chez EFI Automotive

"Beyond the form, they actively contribute to the substance, a rarity among creative agencies."

Audrey Provost

Responsable Marketing et Communication chez Enov