to make you

Graphic Swing is an agency you can rely on.
An agency committed to being by your side for the long term.

We are genuinely interested in your brand and your industries; your aspirations inspire us, and your challenges drive us.

We immerse ourselves with you as if we were an integral part of your organization: we've been your close creative partner since 2016.

Based on your needs, we also provide on-site services. A graphic designer sets up for a few hours or days with their own equipment within your premises.

Your goals
are our

  • 01
    Win attractiveness
  • 02
    Win accessibility
  • 03
    Win markets
  • 04
    Win autonomy
Graphic Swing - Graphic Swing  - Winning appeal with Graphic Swing.

Increasing your attractiveness

At its core, Graphic Swing is a graphic agency that crafts your visual identities and enhances your brand image, public or corporate events, as well as all your external and internal communication materials.

Ensuring that your brand continues to captivate your audiences!

Graphic Swing - Graphic Swing  - Make you improve accessibility with Graphic Swing

Improving your accessibility

Graphic Swing has intentionally specialized in designing accessible communication materials: from visual optimization to convey complex concepts through simple infographics (whether in print or interactive on-screen) to digital optimization aimed at enhancing the comfort and experience of individuals with disabilities.

Graphic Swing - Graphic Swing  - Graphic Swing positions you to secure market wins.

Helping you win markets

Whether public or private, Graphic Swing conceptualizes your tender response documents: creating a unique identity for the proposal or adapting your corporate identity, formatting, developing print and digital materials, packaging design, digital support development, and more.

Everything is planned, possible and tailor-made to help you win!

Graphic Swing - Graphic Swing  - Gain autonomy with Graphic Swing

Making you gain autonomy

Graphic Swing designs and creates internal communication kits for you, saving you valuable time and bringing coherence to your brand image. Presentations, document templates, etc.: work with tools designed and optimized to make you win.

Creatives fueled
by the eagerness
to know you.

We want to create meaning in our approach, foster lasting relationships built on camaraderie, trust, and excellence. And we also want to enjoy ourselves!

At Graphic Swing, we share the common need to understand before creating, to have a comprehensive vision of the project and its challenges before making suggestions.

Our values include enthusiasm, attentive listening, empathy, proximity, and commitment.

Myléna Kieffer, Highly versatile graphic designer

Myléna Kieffer

The gourmet of pixels
Creative director, founder, and manager

Pierre Berger

The multi-hatted designer
Myléna Kieffer, Highly versatile graphic designer
Myléna Kieffer,
Highly versatile graphic designer

Myléna crafts the perfect recipe for you and guides you through the creation of all your communication materials.

Always ready to go above and beyond for her clients, Myléna enjoys taking on culinary challenges that stimulate taste and creativity.

Creative director, founder, and manager
Pierre Berger,
Creative director, founder, and manager

Pierre guides you through the realization of projects, from conception to the delivery of communication tools, providing advice and ongoing support.

Always ready to innovate, Pierre also takes on challenges on Strava to boost his performance on his road bike!

Our clients,
we love them.

Their demands drive us to excel!

From small and medium-sized private enterprises to large national and international groups, event communication agencies, consulting firms, local authorities, etc. They operate in the fields of construction, mobility, environment, health, and disability.

A network
of winners

Some projects require the expertise of specialists or sometimes just additional support. So, we turn to the best.

In full transparency, we collaborate with partners aligned with our values, as creative and demanding as we are: graphic designers, motion designers, 3D specialists, copywriters, strategic consultants, developers, printers, photographers, videographers...

They actively contribute to your project and share our commitment to help you win. Of course, we remain your primary point of contact.

Our loyal friends
and experts.

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